The Spillane Family

At Gibbstown Farms, the spillane family have grown, harvested, washed and packed full-flavoured potatoes that are traceable from field to fork.

We’ve been Growing High Quality potatoes since 1950

Gibbstown Farms are owned and run by the Spillane family. Started up in 1950 by Maurice Spillane. He originated from Cork and decide to travel to Co. Meath by horse and cart to the rich fertile land to start to grow Potatoes. Maurice got married and had a family of 3 boys and 4 girls. The sons helped work the land and the farm expanded over the years.

Meath is on the east coast of Ireland and has rich, bountiful clay soils which now boasts being the biggest potato producing county in Ireland. Maurice passed away in 2012, but his sons, grandsons & great grandchildren continue to build on the legacy and tradition of Irish farming. Now we farm both grain and potatoes – it’s a lot of work but we love it.


Quality Assured Potatoes

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Have a look at our machinery busy at work harvesting crops in the video below.


The Spillane Family Farm

Our farm, based in Co. Meath, has been growing, washing, packing and selling potatoes for 69 years.  We are the 3rd generation of farmers and are a family run business. The Spillane family comprise half of our workforce and we also employ additional farmers during the seasonal peaks.



The Spillane Family on the farm: Name 1, Name 2, Name 3, Name 4, Name 5

Quality Assured Potatoes – More than just a bit on the side

We are proud to hold the Bord Bia Quality Assurance mark on all of our produce here in Gibbstown Farms. Bord Bia have a campaign running called “Potatoes – more than just a bit on the side” that is championing the humble spud so that it gets centre stage in healthy eating.

Potatoes make a valuable contribution to our diet in Ireland. They are an excellent source of starch and contain no fat if eaten boiled or baked. Potatoes are also an important source of vitamin C providing more than one third of our daily requirement. For some delicious potato recipes visit here.

We grow a variety of potatoes here on Gibbstown farms including Rooster, Kerr Pink and Maritiema potatoes.  

Grains for livestock farmers

We produce large quantities of beans, barley, oats, wheat, rapeseed and straw to farmers nationwide. This produce is suitable for cattle feed and livestock bedding. Get in touch today if you would like to chat with use about your livestock feeding needs.

Farm to Fork Service

We work hard to bring you the freshest potatoes for your kitchen and grains for your cattle. We are always looking for new people to work with and look forward to providing you fresh and local produce year round. Phone use today to chat to our expert farmers.