Potatoes: Farm to Fork

At Gibbstown Farms, we are the finest potato growers, packers and suppliers in Leinster, Ireland.

Gibbstown Farms Potatoes

We supply fresh potatoes year round to shops and wholesalers. We grow, wash, pack and store potatoes on site in our farm. Below are descriptions of some of the varieties of potato we produce.


This variety has a rough skin that ranges in colour from a light brown to to a yellow-white. Its tubers are quite large and their growth is generally limited to a small window of the year, however they survive well in storage.


This variety is known for its floury texture, making it perfect for mashing. First grown in the early twentieth century, it is now ireland’s second most common varient. These potatoes have a high resistance to pests and are a favorite of the older generation.


Roosters can instantly be identified by their deep pink-purple skin. They are Ireland’s most common variant of potato. They are popular largely due to their versatility. They can be chipped, mashed, boiled, roasted and baked. Despite their skin, they are yellow on the inside like any other savoury potato.

Commercial Services

We stock greengrocers, shops and restaurants with our high quality potatoes. Potatoes are a staple of the Irish diet and for good reason; ours are packed with nutrients and full of flavour.

Potato growers

Farm to fork service

Superior quality

Fresh Produce all year round

Potato packers

100% Irish potatoes

Grown, Harvested, Washed & Packed in Meath

100% Bord Bia Quality Assured

Call us to get a free bag for tasting

Bord Bia Quality Assured Farm

100% Irish Origin potatoes

Multiple varieties grown on our farm

Can deliver on large orders fast

Capacity to store 6000 tonnes on site here on our farm

Dedicated cold storage facilities on site

Advanced harvesting machinery used to protect produce

Wholesale Services

We provide large quantities of our potatoes to leading Irish wholesalers. The majority of our potatoes are harvested between August and November and they go immediately in to cold storage for year round freshness.

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