Spillanes Potatoes:

Fresh from Gibbstown Farm

At Spillanes, we select only the finest potatoes for our customers. Building on nearly 70 years of potato farming, we have perfected our methods to produce delicious potatoes from farm to fork.

Deliciously Nutritious

Potatoes are both gluten and fat free with the added benefit of being delicious too! They are also a natural source of Potassium & Vitamin C.


Ireland’s favourite variety of potato, the Rooster is instantly recognisable by its deep pink-purple skin. They can be consumed in a variety of ways.

Kerr's Pink

Known for its floury texture, the Kerr’s Pink variety of potato is pest resistant and a favourite of the older generation.


Despite its rough exterior, the Maritiema has become something of a delicacy due to its scarcity and limited growth period.

Grains for Livestock

As well as the humble potato, we also grow quality grain for livestock at reasonable prices. These grains can cover the sustinance for a wide range of livestock.

We’ve been farming potatoes since 1950

Our farm, based in Co. Meath, has been growing, washing, packing and selling potatoes for 69 years.  We are the 3rd generation of farmers and are a family run business. The Spillane family comprise half of our workforce and we also employ additional farmers during the seasonal peaks.

Irish Farmers

Harvesting Grains

New Season Potatoes

Why choose a local farmer?

When you choose a local provider you avail of numerous benefits. Freshness is guaranteed, it is cost effective, it can be dealt with in low minimum order quantities and new season alert. As well as this, you buy into a local tradition and reputation fostered through decades of refining of farming techniques while staying true to our original mission statement.

For Farmers

We offer food and bedding to farmers for livestock feed. Our grains include wheat, barley, beans, rye and rapeseed oil.

Quality Assured Potatoes

At Spillanes, we are passionate about all things potato, and are linked with Bord Bia’s campaign “Potatoes – more than just a bit on the side” to promote the nutritional value of the humble potato, as well as the fantastic taste.

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Farm to Fork Service

We work hard to bring you the freshest potatoes for your kitchen and grains for your cattle. We are always looking for new people to work with and look forward to providing you fresh and local produce year round. Phone use today to chat to our expert farmers.